Released on 17 May 2019, this Rum was showcased at the Sydney Whisky Show (17-18 May 19).  Feedback from the select people who tried it solidified our thoughts that our Rum is going from strength to strength.


Batch 4, is 2 x 50L Port barrels, matured for 2.5 years, married and then finished in a first fill 100L Bourbon Barrel for 6 months. This gives an excellent balance of fruit, sweetness and spice.


The unique characteristics are made with Northern Rivers NSW Molasses and developed further with our own Jamaican style Dunder. 


Tasting Notes


Relaxing on a tropical escarpment overlooking the beach, is beautiful. Sipping on this Rum is divine.  Large Palm trees sway in the wind, delivering fresh Coconut aromas. It is relaxing in the shade of the rainforest fringe, but this Rum cools you perfectly.  


As you sip more on this golden liquid, the sweetness of Butter Scotch builds in the mouth. When you inhale your next breath you take on fruit of black currant and dried plum. The oiliness of this liquid carries the spice smoothly.


Colour: Burnished Gold


Nose: Very fresh on the nose with sweetness of Toffee. Subtle fruit of dried plum and black currant. 


Palate: Sweetens taste opens the flavour with Nougat and small amounts of Marshmallow. Spice builds as the oiliness blends with Clove and Butter Scotch.


Finish: Warming finish with sweetness and spice.


Riverbourne, Rum Batch #4 - Distilled 25 Aug 16 - 2 x 50L Port Barrel (2.5 Yrs), finished 1 x 100L First Fill Bourbon Barrel (6 months) - Bottled 26 Apr 19 - Bottles 98 - 48.9% ABV

Riverbourne Rum - Batch No. 4

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