Notes from our Taster:

ABV 52%

Volume 500mls

Nose: Wowzers! Peaty and rich! I love it.

Supremacy is the heart and soul of Riverbourne peat styles and this new batch absolutely lives up to my expectations. The nose introduces peat straight-up and deesn't shy away from what it is meant to be, a peat style expression. Here, the peat hints iodine and medicianal qualities yet there is also an earthiness that is incredibly pleasant.

Given a few minutes, the peat begins to soften with oxidation. I'm happy it does this as the barrel influence begins to take hold and drives the sippers' attention towards flavour!  The aromas to note are oak, honey, citrus and cream. It is truely wonderful.

Mouth:  The mouthfeel is chewy yet lightly viscous and free moving. The peat holds its intensity througout the mid-palate and into the aftertaste.  Hinting citrus, soft toffee, subtle sweetness and vanilla-peat on the exhale.




Riverbourne Supremacy #9 - Peated Whisky