Batch 6 follows the successful Riverbourne recipe of molasses for an all round smoother Australian Rum and our crafted Jamaican style Dunder, which brings depth and spice. This is the largest batch of Rum made at Riverbourne to date, but with a larger volume, there has been no compromise on quality and taste.


This is a multi cask vatting of 7 casks. Each chosen to bring a distinctive character to Batch 6, which with so much complexity, can only enrich your sensory experience.


It is 2 x 50L & 5 x 25L Barrels French Oak Barrels which previously had Red Wine from the Napa Valley, California. They have been scraped, re-charred and re-coopered. Then Virgin American Oak ends are used on the heads. These combination casks allows no dominant factor of the timber to overcome the delicious flavour of the Rum.


Tasting notes:


Looking over the beach is always refreshing, a cool breeze and and the sound of the waves breaking on the beach. As you breath in, the freshness continues with sweet raisins and burnt sugar. Your sense become overwhelmed as you take your first sip; caramel swirls in your mouth, much like the ocean hitting the beach head. Then under currents of plum mingle with consistency of nuts and rum oils.


As you gaze over the peaceful, tranquility of the beach you embark on a walk down the sand leaving distinctive foot prints all the way. As you look back on your walk and the distance travelled, it is akin to the Rum’s lengthy finish as it slowly fades and you are left with the sweetness and subtle fruit of this amazing Rum.


Colour: Dark Gold


Nose: Very sweet aromas of raisin and burnt sugar.


Palate: The flavour continues to open the sense with sweetness and fruit. Caramel swirls in the mouth with some plum. Slight nut with lots of oil.


Finish: A long finish of sweetness and subtle fruits.


Riverbourne, Rum Batch #6 - Distilled Nov 17 - 2 x 50L (Casks 46, 47), 5 x 25L (Casks 89, 98, 99, 101, 102) - Bottled 03 Feb 20 (700 ml) - Bottles 237 - 48.0% ABV


Riverbourne Rum - Batch 6

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