This rum followed from the success of Batch 4 and released on 16 Aug 19.  Another Rum made with NSW molasses and Riverbourne’s own Dunder. Batch 5 is 2 x 50L Bourbon Barrels (one American and the other French Oak), matured for 2.5 years, married and then finished in a second fill 100L Port Barrel for 4 months. It has a great combination of vanilla, honey and dark deep fruits.


Tasting Notes


A warm day on the beach develops the right atmosphere for relaxing, bring a bottle of Batch 5 Riverbourne Rum and you develop the perfect combination for a bliss afternoon. The sound of the breaking waves on the beach only bring contrast to this expressive nose. Starting light, but overcoming with a swell of sweetness.


The Sea is always refreshing but this pounding palate will keep you warm with some spice. The large waves of flavour are not a problem because you remain grounded with the earthiness of the Dunder. As you plunge deeper into the flavour you get refreshing fruit which will conclude your day with a superb finish of sweetness and spice.


Colour: Gold


Nose: Sweet and Fruity nose with burnt sugar and light plum.


Palate: The flavour opens with some marzipan and vanilla. Fruity flavours of plum and black currant emerge, while earthiness builds from the Dunder. Subtle spice keeps the flavour balanced. 


Finish: Warming medium finish with sweetness and spice.


Riverbourne, Rum Batch #5 - Distilled 17 Sep 16 -  2 x 50L Bourbon Barrels, Cask 22 (American Oak) & 23 (French Oak) (2.5 Yrs), finished 1 x 100L Second Fill Port Barrel (Cask 10 - 4 months) - Bottled 05 Aug 19 - 152 Bottles - 48.0% ABV

Riverbourne Rum - Batch 5

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