Notes from our taster:

ABV 48%

Volume 500mls

Nose - From the first pour into the glass, it is apparent that this Identity is a winner! Its personality is quick to showcase delicate aromas of fresh fruits and creamy citrus styles, but neither of these flavour traits are overpowering. Nosing several times proves rewarding as the whisky evolves in the glass. This evolution brings about a softer experience of oak and woody notes. Delicate dessert aromas full the olfactory and the whisky hints creme brulee, sweet grapefruite and subtle notes of creamy chai tea. Overall, the nosing experience is balanced and delightful.

Mouth: The palate is tangy and delicious! Citus and oak styles are quick to coa the tongue - which yields a drying sensation felt mid to front of the palate, whist vanill and subtle caramel flavours build with successibe sips. It is moreish. The whisky's alchol is spirit forward on the palate, this is not a bad thing. Here, the true flavour experience of Riverbourne whisky comes to life and showcases finer fruity tones and creamy citrus notes that linger long.

Riverbourne Identity #10 Whisky