A spirit driven whisky is what we aim for at Riverbourne and the Identity series  reflects this. Edition 5 was released on 14 Aug 19 and continues with the characteristics of being light, soft and floral. We have focused on a targeted narrow cut in the spirits run to bring a lighter style of new make.


Edition 5 is 3 x 25L French Oak Barrels which previously had Red Wine from the Napa Valley, California. They have been scraped, re-charred and re-coppered. Then Virgin American Oak ends placed on the heads.


This Whisky is simple but very tasty as it has Honey, Hibiscus and Clove.


Tasting Notes


With spring approaching you get to see the garden becoming greener and more life returning back to your place of tranquility. As you take your first breath you smell the pleasant aroma of Hibiscus and other fabulous floral scents. The sweetness of this is superb and splendid.


As you enter deeper into the garden you get the real flavour of honey and some spice fo clove. These breaths are revitalising and filled with energy. As you continue your journey the fresh garden make you relaxed as it has a right balance of sweetness and spice.


Colour: Burnished Gold


Nose: A strong nose of sweetness with burnt sugar. The floral note of Hibiscus follows, with subtle fresh cut hay.


Palate: The sweetness of honey is golden with a little almond. There is great mouthfeel and light oil. The back part brings spice of clove. 


Finish: Medium drawn out finish with equal combination of sweetness and spice.


Riverbourne, Identity Edition 5 - Distilled 16 Apr 16 - 2 x 25L French Oak Barrels (2.4 Yrs) - Casks 51, 72, 73 - Bottled 14 Aug 19 - Bottles 111 - 48.0% ABV

Riverbourne Identity 5

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