Notes from our Rum Taster.

ABV 48%

Volume 700mls
Nose: Very sweet. Initially a bit mossy, with a little funk. Let it breath just a few minutes however, and you get golden sultanas, burnt toffee, and dates - with hints of maple syrup, grilled rockmelon, and icing sugar.

Mouthfeel: Considerably lighter than you'd expect from the nose. It still has an oily structure to it though - it doesn't feel fragile.

Palate: Not as sweet as the nose would suggest, but a lot richer than should be expected from the mouthfeel.  Right at the front, the mossy note from the nose has turned into a sip of black tea, but it subsides quickly and the rest of the palate comes through.  Plenty of porridge, butter cake, and maple syrup. The sultanas and burnt toffee are still there - but the fruit and sugar have dissipated.  

Finish: Oatmeal biscuits covered in maple syrup. A little like an ANZAC biscuit hanging around. It's a long and sticky finish - lasting a good long time coating your throat, tongue, even seemingly the back of your teeth.

Notes:  This rum is perhaps a little closed when first approached, but have a bit of patience and let it breath in the glass for 5-10 minutes, and it comes out of its shell beautifully. Once it comes out of its shell, it's a wonderfully rich ANZAC biscuit in liquid form. Savoury yet sweet, and just that smidge burnt on the bottom.




Riverbourne Dark Sipping Rum #8