The Enigma is premium casks and an exceptional whisky created at Riverbourne. This release comes as a dream since opening the distillery.


It was matured in a 60L ex vintage port cask. Left at a cask strength, of 63.4% ABV, so you can trace the real DNA of its creation. However despite the heat of the high strength, the Enigma remains well balanced.


Tasting Notes:


After a rewarding day, nothing beats being able to sit back, relax and reflect on a rewarding day. The aroma of Enigma brings a revered, reflection of balanced peat and dark fruits. 


This rewarding flavour is complex, through many elements. Impressions of Peat, Plum and Blackcurrant are written in the flavour, the warmth of a wood fire, creates a tingling sensation on the skin. Subtle smoke lulls senses into

a warm feeling of inner peace and harmony.. These feelings are identical on the inside as you drink this exceptional whisky.


After you complete reflection on your days accomplishments, the divine flavours of Peat and Plum linger on, giving that so needed sense of well being after a busy and perhaps stressful day! 


Why pay for Kalma and yoga classes when Riverbourne Whisky will achieve it in half the time, and a quarter of the price? Ah yes, why has it taken so long to find you?


Colour: Dark Gold


Nose: Opening gentle aromas of peat and continues to build. 

With the warming alcohol, it remains balanced. Rich Dark fruits develop a complex nose.


Palate: A full flavoured whisky, with great mouthfeel. Peat continues to build and Plum and Blackcurrant softly follows. Subtle burnt caramel gives some sweetness.


Finish: A long warming finish with lingering Peat and Plum


Riverbourne, Enigma Edition 5 - Distilled 28 Aug 16 - 1 x 60L Port Cask - Casks 21 - Bottled 21 Aug 19 - Bottles 100 - 63.4% ABV

Enigma - Edition 1

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