Located at the head of the Molonglo River, (feeding Canberra's Lake Burley Griffen), where, fed by natural springs at an altitude of 1000 metres, Riverbourne Distillery has an environment similar to many areas of Scotland. 


Founded in 2015, Riverbourne Distillery is a boutique distillery based in Jingera, New South Wales.

(just south of Captains Flat) Head Distiller, Martin Pye, runs a two man show,  mashing, fermenting, distilling and ageing his range of boutique whiskies and rums with the utmost attention to detail. While his wife Eileen does the bottling, labelling, paperwork and distribution. 


The natural spring waters, climate and mountainous environment produce spirits with a unique flavour profile distinctive to the region. 


The distillery currently has over 8000 Litres of rum and whisky ageing in French and American oak casks ( a minimum of 3 years) and have 3 different representations of whisky available now with a Rye whisky just before Christmas.

Our aim is to have a light lowland type whisky, fruity and floral, - The Identity

a heavier toffee honeyed style The Ultimatum.

a peated fruity toffee highland style of whisk 

The Initiative represents a different profile based on unusual casking etc.


We are also producing  the Rye whisky, which will be known as "The Betrayal" as it has deviated from the Scottish tradition.

All will be available for purchase on our website and at quality bars and bottle shops. Stay tuned for more information. 

"An Australian Scottish lovechild."

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